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How to Become a Professional EDM producer

In 2017, my life changed forever - in the best way possible. 

Four years earlier I’d left my corporate job to become a full-time producer and eventually a touring artist, but things weren’t as they seemed. 

I went from struggling to produce anything to printing quality records and quality music. 

Signed to good labels. 

Grew an international network of contacts in the industry. 

Toured with gigs way bigger than me. 

Life was “a dream” until I realized something… 

I didn’t have a sound. 

Once I realized this, I started trying to fix it. That made it worse… I spent thousands of hours in production and one day something finally happened. I realized I found “my sound” and I instantly knew that I could become one of the best. 

You can produce good music but unless you find “YOUR SOUND” you will just be a commodity. 

It skyrocketed my ability to not only produce pro music but helped me double and triple my income at the same time. Several years later, I helped a producer friend find THEIR sound and realized if I could do it for him, I could do it for others… 

And a new project was born.

If you’re an electronic music producer aspiring to develop mastery as an artist or a studio professional - listen up… 

There are 3 AREAS that are required to not only achieve PRODUCTION MASTERY but exceed your goals in your music career:




And to add to this, the most important aspect that will completely transform your current existence as a producer to a point where you won’t even recognize yourself today… and that’s,


How you show up and where you focus your time will make or break any chance of success you have in this industry. 

I’ve developed a unique model that producers are already implementing in their production journey. And we’re seeing growth that crushes anything you’d expect on the internet!

Here’s the massive outcome: 

What if there is a way to speed up your learning so much that just in 3 months, you’ll be at the level you would have been in 3 years if you did it by yourself. 

NO, I’m not talking about tips and tricks of what professionals do…

I’m not even talking about learning secrets of other pro producers…

I’m talking about a system I’ve designed that will completely change the way you’ve seen production so far. It will build you up to become lethal in your DAW and get you to production mastery. 

At that point, you can do WHATEVER you like with it. You’ll have the superpower to:

  • Build your artist career, grow your brand and tour… and/or

  • Run your studio business and live off of music instead of staying at that job you don’t care much about. 

This is a level of freedom that is not only powerful but worth modeling. 

I regularly get producers messaging me… “Yo Varti, how did XYZ artists improve so fast? I know he’s been through your program… How did that even happen so fast?”

Here’s how it works:

I developed a training that walks through this concept step by step. 

I want to share it with you, but these are the 2 rules. 


You need to know 100% deep down that you deserve and absolutely want to get to production mastery. 


If you don’t give all you’ve got, you’re not serious enough for this. 

Giving enough looks like putting in the time with no excuses. 

It looks like getting out of your comfort zone regularly to do things that scare you, knowing that you’ll go ALL IN no matter what. 

If you see yourself in this and are done dawdling around YouTube thinking that doing what everyone else is doing will get you to your goals…

IF you’re serious about production, join our private facebook group to watch this FREE training.


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