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4 Main Reasons Why EDM Producers Don’t Find Success

Here’s WHY Electronic Dance Music Producers QUIT!

***This is a long one, take your time to read it***

There are 4 main elements that play a major role in all this… and they’re all interlinked!

Purpose -> Direction -> Growth -> Milestones


Most producers have high aspirations.

When asked what it is they want to achieve, a big majority of them want to find a way to live off production in some shape or form. 

That’s great, I see myself in them because that’s where I was about 10+ years ago. 

I thought I had a purpose, but I did not. 

A lot of how I took decisions back then was self-centered and transactional. 

I did everything for myself… and the road got hard, it got REALLY hard. 

If you’re in it for a few years, you have NO idea!

Took my years to develop a deep sense of the understanding behind why I do what I do in music. 

And it’s only because of this deep understanding that I stand here today having come so far in the industry. 

Producers QUIT because they have no real purpose!


It’s not enough knowing why you’re doing it. It actually isn't. —> You need direction. 

If you can pick up patterns fast enough to course correct yourself and see the next checkpoint, you might still be around. 

The production/artist journey becomes a war zone the deeper you go in. 

If you’ve gone ‘deep’ and haven't felt this… then you haven't gone deep enough!

You will consistently need to course correct yourself along the way. 

You will get lost fast without proper guidance. 

Producers QUIT because they have no proper direction and no tools to properly course correct! 


Constant growth is what keeps you in the game. 

By growth, I mean looking back 3 months, 6 months ago and seeing big transformation in skill, in how you show up and your quality output. 

You need purpose + direction -> to see growth. 

I had many phases in my journey to becoming a professional producer where years used to go by, and I had a hard time seeing growth… proper high-level growth.

I’m surprised I didn’t quit…. I saw producers around me just disappearing from the scene. 

A new job promotion was what was needed for them to say, ‘ah let me grow up, this music thing will never work’. 

Producers QUIT because they see no meaningful growth!


Say you have: 

  • a deep sense of purpose

  • a proper direction

  • looked back and seen proper growth.

…. Yet you’re not seeing anything really materialize. 

Not saying you should focus on the scoreboard as a sense of fulfillment…

but when you constantly look at the scoreboard and nothing’s really changing? 

That’s hard… It eats you inside… daily.  

You can’t control milestones; you can just show up and do your best. 

But what happens when your best isn't good enough? 

Producers QUIT because they see no meaningful milestones in their career!

I’ve struggled with my purpose

I’ve struggled with my direction

I’ve struggled with seeing growth

I’ve surely struggled with not reaching the milestones I set out for myself… 

I’ve been through it all and I attribute all this to 1 thing…

I should have gotten help from those more advanced than me. 

Through the years, I found success, but it took FOR-EVER. 

No regrets -> I’ve built a massively thick skin to share my knowledge with you all today.

This is why I teach and mentor high caliber students. 

I help them understand their purpose, develop proper direction, attain new levels of growth and achieve milestones they’ve set for themselves. 

It’s not an easy road but it sure changes their lives. 

If you want to chat about your situation, book a call, we’ll have a chat and build a game plan for you.

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